WOW Unspoken Rules


World of Warcraft is probably the biggest MMORPG in history. They got the biggest number of subscribers. No wonder why, they’ve got an interesting story to tell plus amazing characters to choose from. Since WOW became famous, players have developed unspoken rules as etiquette for happy gaming. These unspoken rules became a norm in WOW. If you break them. It’ll make you look like the newbie. But don’t worry, everyone starts from not knowing anything. At least you can not make the same mistakes by being aware of the unspoken rules.

Looting Rules

Before a master fight, you and your guild will already plan the looting strategy. Off course, you will only loot based on your needs. Looting is not like the first come first serve type when you shop online. Before you and your friends go on a battle, you will decide as a group who will pick this and pick that. Never fool your comrades when it comes to items. It’s not worth it. There are many dungeons and ways to get loot. You’ll need friends, especially for big master fights.

Traveling as a Group


Fights could happen even when you’re traveling through the land. There are mobs who like to steal items from other players. So, always bring your guild with you when traveling. They will protect you from harm. It would be nice if WOW would have rental cars coupon code & discounts for group travelers. Always remember to stay behind in case of the attack. Let the tank go first because they can take more damage. Your goal is to cast spells to drastically lower your opponents HP.

Please Don’t Go on AFK

The most frustrating experience to players when playing WOW is AFK players. So please if you are a new joiner, don’t be an AFK player who always leaves the group especially on important missions. No amount of coupon codes on products you could pay your team when you go on AFK. We do understand that everyone has a reason to go on AFK, but please don’t go on afk if you are in an important mission or battle.

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