Why You Won’t Survive without WOW Gold?

World of Worldcraft is a good mix of reality and imagination. It’s a world within a world in its own way. You won’t be enjoying the game as much as you would enjoy it with gold. WOW gold is a non-negotiable aspect in the game. You can grind your way for it or you can buy. It is solely up to you on how you want to build your financial portfolio in WOW’s economy. If you still don’t understand why you should acquire a steady stream of gold, here are the reasons why.


You Need Gold for Your Armour and Repairs

Armoury is an important aspect of the game. To fight in big quests and battle, you need to have functioning armour for defence and offence. Without them, your character will be weak in battle. You’ll need gold to buy them and repair them. Repairs are important because your armour gets worn out too. In order to benefit from the armour, you have to repair it from time to time. Earning gold in WOW is somehow similar how we earn money in the real world, we save money on electronics, and choose alternatives. We use money to get things done just like how you will be spending gold in WOW.

Consumables in High-Level Games

wowThere will be quests that you will face alone without the help of your guild. In order to survive those difficult quests, you need consumables. Off course, you’ll need gold to buy them. Consumables are like spells in nature. High-level players invest on consumables before going for a fight. The purchasing of consumables is like how we purchase items from online shops like lazada and zalora. You’ll go to a store with the consumable items and trade gold in exchange for them.

Buy Loots and Other Investment

In the real world, we go to stocks to invest. In the World of Warcraft, you can buy loot as a form of investment to protect your World of Warcraft future. If you happen to visit an auction house that sells items you can invest in, go and use your gold to buy them.

4 thoughts on “Why You Won’t Survive without WOW Gold?

  • Jay

    Consumables are very important especially when you are in a fight all by yourself. I remember wiping a dungeon alone just with the help of consumables.

  • Jessica

    I think that the non-negotiable part of WOW in terms of gold makes it more real. So stop complaining and keep grinding.

  • Jurgen Big

    There had been a lot of developments in terms of cryptocurrency. But having a Buy Wow Gold is also an advantage 🙂


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