What You Need to Know About WOW Race and Classes

World of Craft has 12 classes known as the druid, hunter, mage, priest, paladin, rogue, shaman, warrior, warlock, warrior, death knight, monk, and demon hunter. Each class will be grouped into two factions: Horde and Alliance. Pandaren is the exception because, at level 10, you’ll be given an option which side to take with promo codes. Choosing a character will be crucial in your heroes abilities and resources. Still confused? Let’s make it easier.


Alliance Vs. Horde

The Alliance is a group of characters with one aim. They aim to preserve Azeroth’s justice and power. Alliance are intelligent and noble. They are composed of elves, humans, gnomes, and Draenei. Horde, on the other hand, is quite the opposite of the Alliance. They rather talk with their blades and strength. They are known for being misunderstood though they do have good intentions. Horde is composed of elves, tauren, blood elves, the forsaken, and orcs. They give high value towards their comrades and family.

If you believe in the duality of men, the feud between Alliance and Horde is the best example. They both have good intentions; however, their methods are different. Differences cause conflict in code promo urban outfitters, but if they could just learn how to work those differences, these clans would form a mighty team.

Stats are Based on the Classwow

Stats are measured based on the class in a balanced way. There are five major stats that you should consider, strength, agility, intellect, and stamina. These stats will determine your character’s role in every battle. Is your character a tank, DPS, healer? If your character is categorized as a tank, your character will have higher stamina but will have lower points on strength, agility, and intellect. If your character is categorized as a healer, most likely, your stats are more balanced but lower points on stamina with offers & coupons. Before you choose a character, know your playing style first. If you’re an initiator who likes to go first, then a tank might work out for you. If you’re good at timing, the healer might be a good one for you, as you need to cast the spell at the right moment.

Specializations and Abilities

Your character’s abilities such as skills, spells, and power depend on which class and race you chose. It will also determine the armour you have to acquire. For example, if you decided to choose a mage, you have to acquire the arcane of knowledge that you can shop online using discounts.

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